Kitchen Stori

Kitchen Stori is a consumer brand of Uform, a family business established in 1993. Whether you’re after a modern and minimalist kitchen or something a little more traditional the Kitchen Stori offering has a range to individually suit your taste, budget and lifestyle

Aldana Dust grey | Traditional | Kitchen Stori

Kitchen Stori Kitchen Ranges

Kitchen Stori continues to lead the way in trendsetting products with its latest range of kitchens

Aldana Uform


Aldana is a slim frame shaker style kitchen with a country look.  Choose traditional T&G panelling or bold colours for a more modern feel.

Clonmel Uform


Clonmel has a chunky, shaker style frame and with a wide choice of colours, you can combine different paint and stain finishes to achieve a bespoke look.

Florence Uform


Florence is a shaker style kitchen but the internal beading on the centre panels gives it a refreshing look.  The smooth painted finish in a wide variety of colours makes it a stylish and popular choice.

Georgia Uform


Georgia is a modern shaker style kitchen with a smooth and flawless painted finish.  Accessories can be combined to create an innovative and practical kitchen space.

Jefferson Uform


The Jefferson kitchen door construction has a moulded, raised centre panel which creates a rural space.  A classic and elegant design, it is also available in oak or with any painted finish. 

Kensington Uform


The Kensington kitchen proves a popular choice due to its sloped inner profile and grain finish.  The perfect design for a busy family kitchen.

Madison Uform


The Madison kitchen is both stylish & chic and with its simple detailing and classic form, it will adapt to any size of space. 

Wakefield Uform


The Wakefield kitchen is characterised by the internal mouding surrounding the centre panel of the doors.  If you’re looking for a design in between a traditonal and contemporary style, this is the perfect option.

Windsor Shaker Uform

Windsor Shaker

If you’re looking for a sophisticated space but are working with a set budget then the Windsor shaker kitchen will deliver. It uses contemporary styling and the visible woodgrain effects adds an authentic touch.


The Harbourne kitchen is a modern handless design which has a clean and linear effect.  Popular for those who want to achieve a serene living space without compromising on storage. 

Rezana Uform


Rezana’s rich real wood veneer appeals to those wanting an industrial or urban look to their kitchen design.

Tavola Uform


Tavola’s simplistic design appeals to those looking for a sleek kitchen that makes a real statement. 

Zola Gloss Uform

Zola Gloss

Zola Gloss is a great choice for those wanting a functional and on-trend kitchen. With it’s mirror-like finish, it is perfectly positioned to complement any space. 

Zola Matte Uform (2)

Zola Matte

The Zola-Matte kitchen suits open-plan living perfectly particularly when it is teamed with bold decor choices. With its smooth painted finish, it likes nothing better than a rich combination of complementary colours.

Zola Soft Matte Uform

Zola Soft Matte

If you’re looking for a sleek and spacious kitchen, then the Zola kitchen is unrivalled. Available in a Gloss, Matte or Soft-Matte finish in a choice of muted colours, the Zola kitchen is the perfect choice for those looking for creative kitchen design layouts.

Belgravia Uform


If you’re searching for a kitchen with style and substance, the Belgravia In-Frame Kitchen is a superb choice.  With ornately detailed in-frame design and a flawless quality painted finish with woodgrain, it will bring elegance to your home.

Strada Gloss Uform

Strada Gloss

For those seeking a mimimal kitchen design that combines luxury with efficiency, then the Strada kitchen with integrated J-handle is the ideal choice. The mirror-like flawless gloss finish is ideal for those wanting internal and external curves in a stylish, high end kitchen.

Strada Matte Uform

Strada Matte

For those seeking a mimimal kitchen design that combines luxury with efficiency, then the Strada kitchen with integrated J-handle is the ideal choice. The matte kitchen offers a silky, durable and blemish free finish.

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